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We understand that finding your path can be confusing, frustrating, and seem very complicated.

At Pathfinder Partners, we clear the fog to help you identify your interests, skills, and strengths, and then create an individualized plan for you to move forward toward your career destination.


How pathfinder partners can help

We are an educational and career planning consulting company that provides academic and career guidance to high school students, college students, recent college graduates, and experienced workers.

It can be confusing to decide what direction to take after high school, which college major to pursue, how to find a job with your college major after graduation, and strategies for growth after time in the workforce.  


We work with students, graduates, and experienced workers to help them uncover options for good fit careers based upon their unique interests, abilities, values, and personality type. Then we develop an individualized plan detailing next steps to set our clients on the path to their desired destination.

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MELINDA dibenedetto

My great passion is helping people discover good fit career options for fulfillment and satisfaction.  Each career journey is different, and I use the skills and lessons learned through my professional experience in the corporate world as well as the training as a Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) through the National Career Development Association (NCDA).


My passion for this work grew from a career in financial services where I trained and coached early career professionals and participated in recruiting efforts with talent acquisition teams. I was also a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) leader and co-founded the New Jersey Women’s Network (Employee Resource Group or ERG) with a mission of providing D&I training, professional development programs and networking opportunities to help colleagues navigate opportunities and advance in their careers.

discover your path forward

High school &
College students

Attending a four-year college? We help you gain a better understanding of potential areas of study in college and career options. We also help you with your internship and job search.

Unsure if a four-year college is right for you? We customize a plan to explore other paths such as community college, certificate programs and apprenticeship programs.

recent college graduates

Now what? Unsure what next steps to take after college? Feeling stuck and not even sure how to land a job with your chosen major?

We work together and help you uncover career options and develop a strategic job search plan.


Feeling stuck or unsure about your career? Do you want to make a change but are uncertain how to proceed?


We help you clarify options and develop a plan for your path forward.

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